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What Movers Won’t Move



Moving is often a stressful time with all of the planning, packing, and organizing, but you can greatly reduce your workload and stress level by choosing the right Grand Rapids moving company. Even the best residential movers have limitations, and to make your move as seamless as possible, it’s important to know what you can expect your company to move and what you’ll be responsible for yourself.

As leading Grand Rapids movers, Lansing Moving wants to make your relocation simple and seamless by giving you the information you need for a completely successful move. Below, find the three most common items your movers won’t be taking with them when they load their trucks.

House Plants

While some moving companies may be willing to grab a plant or two for super short moves, they won’t be taking any along on intrastate or long distance moves. Often, movers don’t transport plants because state officials are afraid of bringing bugs or other problems into their state, so you’ll need to make your own arrangements.

Perishable Food Items

Your Grand Rapids residential movers will move pantry items, but only if they are unopened and non-perishable. Items with a long shelf life and a tight seal such as canned vegetables, jarred spices, and boxed pastas are all fine to put in a box for your movers.

Hazardous Materials

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that movers won’t haul things like propane tanks, ammunition, or gas tanks, in fact federal law prohibits moving companies from transporting these items. However, there are more common household items that are classified as hazardous. These items include:

●  Nail Polish

●  Liquid Bleach

●  Car Batteries

●  Batteries

●  Darkroom Chemicals

●  Pool Cleaning Supplies

●  Weed Killers

●  Pesticides

Want more helpful tips for an easy and efficient move? Contact the leading Grand Rapids residential movers, Lansing Moving, today for more information and to learn how we can make your next move a success. Give us a call or request your free, no-obligation estimate of costs by completing our online quote form.

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