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Three Tips for a Smooth Move



Ah, the joys of moving. Spending long days and some nights packing up your home. If you’re lucky, you have plenty of notice to prepare. If you aren’t, you may get 24 hours’ notice. Neither is very much fun.

Whether you have only hours or weeks to prepare, getting the right team to help is imperative to the success and ease of your move. As Lansing movers, we know the struggles you’re facing. We’ve helped countless families with the impending relocations and we’d be happy to help you too!

Packing Made Easy

Okay, so maybe it would be more appropriate to say easier, but these tips will help nonetheless. It’s best to start room by room, especially if you have a short time frame. Take it one step at a time and create a rhythm as you empty cabinets, wrap fragile items, and load them into the box. Use soft, cloth items as wrapping for protection while packing breakables. This will take up less room and prevent another trip to the store. Be careful not to overfill the boxes, whether in sheer volume or weight. A broken box can be much more catastrophic than using a few more.

Ask Friends and Family for Help

Whether you need help with child care or packing, asking for help is perfectly acceptable. While moving may be something everyone dreads doing, we all understand and appreciate the assistance. The to-do list goes beyond the physical labor of moving. You can have someone set up transportation or accommodations if you have a long journey. Others can help with pet care or creating a list of business you may need in the new location.

Call Your Mover

Now is the perfect time to call your mover, even if your move is six months out. Movers can fill up fast, especially if you are moving in the summer months. To prevent hiccups, we suggest calling your mover as soon as possible. This will ensure you are on our schedule so we can have a team ready to go come moving day.

While moving is never fun, these tips will help make it a much more manageable process. For more moving tips and to learn more about our Lansing residential moving services, contact us at Lansing Moving. Call or visit our website to get your FREE quote today!

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