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Mistakes to Avoid Making When Moving with Children



If you have kids, you know that simply packing up the car to go to the grocery store can be hectic. Moving house? That’s a whole different ball game. As Grand Rapids residential movers, we at Lansing Moving have a lot of experience working with families who are moving, and we’ve picked up some tips over the years about mistakes to avoid when you’re moving with kids.

#1: Waiting Until the Last Minute to Tell Them You’re Moving

Kids will always figure out when something’s going on that’s out of the ordinary, and waiting until just before the move can stress them out and cause problems like tantrums or acting out. It’s best to let them know early on that you’re moving to a new home so you can address their expectations and concerns.

#2: Not Hiring Professional Moving Help

Plenty of families try to do it all on their own. If it’s just you, that may be fine, but throwing kids into the mix means that hiring professional movers is key to preventing major burnout. As a Grand Rapids residential moving company, we’re here to ease the stress of getting it all done. We offer packing services, including crating for high-value items, and our professional team makes sure nothing gets damaged or left behind in the shuffle. Take some of the stress off of hands and hire movers to help!

#3: Counting on the Kids for Unpacking Help

Too often, families think that their kids will be ready and willing to unpack everything when they arrive at their new home. Unfortunately, more often, the case is that the kids are tired, hungry, and more interested in checking out their new digs than they are unpacking and getting organized. When you hire Grand Rapids movers that offer unpacking services as well as relocation, you won’t have to worry about this.

#4: Traveling Unprepared

Be sure to bring snacks, toys, and other essentials (like toothbrushes and blankets) with you outside of what’s packed in boxes. This can save you a LOT of frustration—trust us.

#5: Excluding Them from the Process

Finally, even if they aren’t helping much, your kids will want to be a part of the move. A big mistake is excluding them from the process. This can make them feel out of place and even in the way, so make sure to give them little tasks throughout the moving process. For instance, let them pick where their toy box goes, or have them help your pack their belongings.

Moving with kids doesn’t have to be stressful. For more help with your upcoming move, call Lansing Moving today.

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