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7 Common Moving Mistakes



If you’re preparing for a move, you probably already know that looking for a reliable Detroit moving company is a good idea. All too often, it’s the things you don’t know that create unwelcomed chaos during a move. As an experienced household mover, Lansing Moving Co. is here to help. Our residential moversput together a list of the 7 most common moving mistakes, so you can avoid pitfalls and experience a successful relocation.

1.  Improper, Incomplete or Total Lack of Planning

If you’re reading this, it probably means you’re on the ball and planning for your move. Pat yourself on the back, you avoided the most common mistake! Keep a detailed timeline of your move visible a few months ahead of time so you can develop a stress-free schedule. Our local and interstate movers can help with this!

2.  Not Sorting Through Old, Broken, or Unused Items Ahead of Time

The weeks ahead of your move should be far from idle. Take some time out each day to evaluate what you really need and sort out unnecessary items weighing you down.

3.  Not Getting Your Move Insured

With quality Detroit movers on the job, your items and home should be in good hands. As a general rule, good movers should always offer insurance to give you added security and peace of mind– especially when it comes to expensive specialty items.

4.  Failing to Label Your Boxes

Labeling your boxes is a rule of thumb that too many people forget. Proper labeling also helps our household movers set heavy boxes down in the appropriate place in your new home or storage unit.

5.  Not Prepping for Your Pets

Your furry friends can get a little anxious during a move, and may escape or disrupt the process. Plan to keep them safe with a sitter or friend until the move is done to prevent a disaster.

6.  Lifting Without the Proper Tools

Whether or not you’re relying on a local moving company to get the job done, you should always use the proper tools. Dollies and carpet sliders are a great way to avoid injury if you plan on moving anything on your own.

7.  Not Preparing an Essentials Bag for When You Arrive

Depending on the timing of your move, you may not have time to unpack all of your essentials when you arrive. Avoid the stress of misplaced toiletries by packing all your immediate needs in a separate bag.

Our movers in Michigan are here to simplify your move and get the job done. Give Lansing Moving Co. a call to learn more about our residential movers, or fill out our online form to request a free estimate from our team.

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