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4 Tips for a Smooth Relocation



Moving is difficult…in almost every aspect. Moving is actually considered to be one of the top three most stressful events you will go through in life. There are a lot to-dos that need to be completed and a lot of variables to consider. While the struggle may be very real there are some steps you can take to reduce the stress.

  • Reduce the Load- As time consuming as it may seem, it takes less time to go through and get rid of unwanted/unused items than it does to move those. Plus you won’t regret lightening the load and reducing the clutter in your new home.
  • Make a Command Center- Whether this command center is a binder or a flash drive, find a place to put all of the important information for your move. This include important documents, emergency contacts, and any other information that pertains to the move or your new home.
  • Plan Your Route- If you have a distance to drive, be sure to plan the route ahead of time. You may want to include fun stops along the way to break up the drive. Be sure to take into account any weather patterns for that time of year.
  • Ask for Help- Don’t be too proud to ask for help. Whether you are asking family/friends or hiring professionals, the extra hands could be a real lifesaver. As Lansing movers, we have helped hundreds of families move their entire homes and we can help you.

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