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4 Things to Avoid When Planning for a Commercial Move



Moving your business is a major undertaking—whether you’re relocating your small office to a neighboring town or planning an interstate corporate move. With countless factors to take into consideration for a successful move, the Grand Rapids office movers at Lansing Moving want to help ease the burden of the entire process.

A seamless move requires careful planning, and there are several common pitfalls that can unexpectedly sideline your plans if you don’t keep an eye out for them. To ensure that you have a commercial relocation that stays on schedule and minimizes the downtime of your business, our Grand Rapids commercial moving company has put together the following list of the top four things you need to avoid when planning out your commercial move:

  • Getting a Late Start in the Moving Process- With any move, starting the process early is essential, and that’s never truer than when planning a commercial relocation. Quality Grand Rapids commercial movers can book up quickly, so make sure that you secure a reputable provider at least three months in advance to give you ample time to get things in order before moving day.   
  • Underestimating What is Involved With a Business Move- Even if you’re only moving a small office, chances are that you will be shocked at exactly how much is involved with the process. From employee coordination to packing, organizing, and disassembly, the best way to tackle the long to-do lists is to have a company-wide plan in place that delegates relocation responsibilities. 
  • Hiring a Moving Company That Isn’t up to the Task- Not every Grand Rapids commercial moving company is created equally, and the last thing you want is to end up with an inexperienced crew that leaves you behind schedule or with damaged items. Do your research beforehand, and ensure that the office movers you choose have the experience and resources necessary to handle the job. 
  • Planning a Move that Runs Over-Budget- Sticking to your allocated budget for relocation is just as important as keeping your move on-schedule. The bottom line of your business can be hit hard by unexpected moving costs, and it pays to get multiple moving quotes and a locked in rate before committing to a moving provider.  

Executing a seamless, stress-free office move may be a challenge, but the Grand Rapids commercial movers at Lansing Moving are committed to exceeding your expectations! With affordable prices and unparalleled service, there’s no better choice than our Grand Rapids business movers to keep your relocation on-track. For more information on the commercial services we offer, just give us a call or fill out our online form today, and we’ll get you set up for a free, no-obligation estimate!

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